Social Justice

    Committee Goals


    • Advocate for the hiring of Black staff, faculty, and accepting students as well as their retention and advancement to positions of leadership at UCSF
    • Support Black-led organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area
    • Develop and implement protocols to guide strategic partnerships
    • Educate and empower Black staff, faculty, and students through forums, symposia, and resources

    The Black Caucus Logo - stained glass in various brown, blue, orange, teal, and beige colors


    Advocating for staff, faculty, and students



    Action alert symbol: exlcamation point with the point at a red alarm

    Discrimination and Harassment Journal / Complaint Form

    (use this link to complete a survey of your experiences)

    Tips on Filing a Complaint
    • File with a write up of discriminatory / harassment experiences
    • Write up tangible disparities and experiences of loss / impact on ability to do work
      • e.g. Gaps in pay, lack of promotion, impact on reputation, concrete examples with dates, emails, texts, etc.
    • Who did you engage to help in relief?


    On a Class Action Attorney for lawsuit within Employment Law:

    • Ask group members to file as individuals within a group doing this lawsuit action together.
    • File at the same time to an agency with a right to sue letter (through the state is a challenging process, lacking in race tools, but with sexual discrimination tools…).


    Professional Development Tips

    (to advocate for yourself and your colleagues)


    On the interview process:

    1. Have interviews with standard questions for all applicants.
    2. Have BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) staff on the interview team.
    3. In an interview, ask if the role is non-union or union.
    4. Contact the hiring manager after applying for a role you have not heard back from.


    On Performance Reviews:

    1. “Needs improvement” = cannot transfer to other departments.
    2. You can submit a rebuttal if you do not agree with the review.
    3. Add detailed notes of your accomplishments in your self-assessment. Document everything!

    On the Promotions Process:

    1. Make a promotion package proposal for tasks beyond your current role using job templates. Create a new position and apply for it. 
    2. A reclass takes time to process especially with back pay considered, but the write up for this request is not extensive.
    3. Document everything! You know your achievements and must inform others.


    On raises:

    1. Staff may typically receive a 8-11% raise, not a 15% raise as is often suggested to request. Are managers offering these to staff on a fair basis?
    2. Are managers aware of salary supplements? Are managers offering these to staff on a fair basis?



    Supporting the SF Bay Area Community

    (with $1000 donations and ongoing engagement)


    2021 Partnering Organizations
     2022 Partnering Organizations

    Committee Members


    Alexis Cobbins (Co-Chair)
    Executive Director, California Preterm Birth Initiative

    Anthony Amaro
    Deputy Director, Mathematics Engineering Science Achievement (MESA)

    Brittany Campbell
    Research Associate, Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center

    Deborah Collins
    Pediatric Interventional Cardiology

    Denise Powell
    Pediatric Resident, School of Medicine

    Eunice Stephens
    Chief of Staff, School of Dentistry


      Janet Allen Williams
      Academic Assistant, Department of Neurology

      Laura Camp
      Supervisor, School of Medicine OBGYN

      Leah Pimentel
      Assistant Director, Community and Government Relations

      Lindsay Williams
      Ambulatory Care Administration Manager, Radiation Oncology

      Lindsey Bynum
      Course Coordinator, Foundational Sciences

      Marisa McFarlane (Co-Chair)
      Community Internships Specialist, Department of Neurological Surgery