Professional Development

Professional Development Committee Goals

The recruitment, retention, acknowledgement, skill-building, and advancement of the Black community at UCSF by organizing team initiatives

through discussions, learning opportunities, speaker series, job postings, mentorship events, and resources.



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Advancing Black Lives at UCSF


The following priorities and calls to action that center the inclusion of Black Lives at UCSF have been requested of Campus Leadership by the Black Caucus. Specific initiatives related to each priority will be added as developed.


Calling all Black Lives


Acknowledgement and Allyship


Correcting the Climate


Inclusion & Professional Development in the Workforce

Allocating Fiscal and Human Resources


Ongoing Commitment and Transparency


To promote community and conversation that reflects the full breadth of the Black experiences at UCSF, we request the distribution of the Black Caucus Statement on Anti-Black Racism and Police Violence to all Black identified community members with the goal of connecting the Black staff and faculty at UCSF.


To amplify the voices and experiences of the Black constituencies at UCSF to one another and to the greater campus community of allies, we request a Campuswide Town Hall highlighting the current state of Black Lives at UCSF.


As a necessary step toward the development of a transparent campuswide plan of action to Advance Black Lives, we request a comprehensive third-party report on the State of the Black Community at UCSF.


To promote inclusion and professional development we request that the campus develop a process to include the Black Caucus and other campus entities in the active recruitment, hiring, advancement, and mentorship of Black staff and faculty throughout the UCSF community, with specific attention given to hiring for high level administrative (Chancellors, Deans, etc.) and (C-Suite) leadership positions across our schools and hospitals.


Necessary to the execution and success of any initiative, we request that the campus invest appropriate financial and personnel resources in accomplishing these priorities, and into existing groups that actively work to Advance Black Lives.


Sustained engagement and communication from Chancellor’s Office and Campus leadership, including the Black Caucus in an advisory capacity and providing timely information and updates to the Black Community



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Calls to action that center the experiences of Black employees:

Name and Acknowledge Black Lives

  • Identify and connect all Black staff and faculty
  • Amplify the voices and experiences of Black people at UCSF
  • Commission a comprehensive report on the State of Black Lives at UCSF to include disaggregated data on the positions and places in which Black staff are – and are not

Recruit and Retain Black Lives

Include the Black Caucus in the recruitment and professional development of Black staff and faculty

Develop sustained engagement and communication with
Chancellor’s Office and Campus leadership

Invest appropriate financial and personnel resources to
accomplish these priorities


Professional Development Tip Sheet

Professional Development Tip Sheet

Professional Development Tips (PDF)