Historical Highlights

Historical Highlights:


Black Caucus Founders
& Legendary Members


Learn more about the Black Caucus co-founders and legendary members

who collaborated to fight for racial justice, anti-discrimination,

and equity for Black staff, students, and faculty at UCSF.

Past Black Student Union and Black Caucus Voice Demands (May 1968)

Statement on Anti-Black Racism and Police Violence (June 2020)


Affirmative Action Office / Coordinator (1972) & Affirmative Action Protest (1995)


The efforts of Black Caucus members shaped the creation of an
Affirmative Action Office in 1972, lead by co-founder and former
BC chair Joanne Lewis, only 23 years later to have Affirmative Action
dismantled by California Proposition 209 in 1995. The caucus protested
at Laurel Heights to resist that policy change 25 years ago,
unfortunately to no avail. And yet now in 2020, Affirmative Action
is being reconsidered as needed for developing racial equity in
employment and academic institutions (CA Prop 16 to repeal CA Prop 209).




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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Commemoration

An annual week of events to celebrate the life and continue the work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. during his birthday week of January 19th.