Black Caucus Pioneers

Attendance at First Meeting 1968

- with notes in purple

Wendell Adams - BC chair

Freemen Bradley - BC Historian, BC chair Cardiovascular Research Institute, 38 Years of Service

Joann[e] Lewis - Co-Founder, BC chair, Affirmative Action Coord, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Budget and Finance - 23 Years of Service

Melvin Pipkins - took pics of general BC meetings & Claudette Pipkins

Walter “Pop” Nelson - BC chair, on Sanarte mural

Lee Jones - SFGH

Alice Lytle - Co-Founder, 1st Black female Superior Court Judge in California

Glenn Downs - Technician

Leslie Williams

John Harris, MD

Leon Johnson - very vocal member

Barbara Gant

Florence Stroud - Nursing

Price Cobbs, MD - Co-Founder, Confrontation groups, Black Rage book, Professor Emeritus, Department of Psychiatry

Charles Smith, Staff, MD

Dave Wren, Student, MD - Black Student Union

Robert Busby

David Johnson - Co-Founder, 1st Black protege of photographer Ansel Adams, Personnel Department, 15 Years of Service

Charles Edgar Clary - Co-Founder, Radiologic Technologist, 15 Years of Service

Julius Warthen

Notice Prentice - “tough woman” and “den mother”

Lonny Young - Lab Tech


Pioneers In Memoriam (RIP):


Wendell Adams

Melvin Pipkins

Walter “Pop” Nelson

Alice Lytle

Leslie Williams

John Harris, MD

Leon Johnson

Price Cobbs, MD

Charles Smith, Staff, MD


More pioneering BC members:


John A. Watson, PhD - Professor Emeritus, School of Medicine, Bio, UCSF Medal of Honor Award Recipient (2020)

Elba Clemente-Lambert - Human Resources Specialist, 25 Years of Service

James Haugabuck (auk)

Barbara Ann Wilson (Thompson) - School of Pharmacy, Dean’s Office, Helped design IRC (S-918), 35 Years of Service

Crystal Morris - Compensation Supervisor, Human Resources (HR),  29 Years of Service

Roy Shackleford

John McMillan

Karen Newhouse - Associate Diversity Director, 39 Years of Service, Women’s Advancement Award

Ruby Freeman

Al Goring

Tony Wagner

William C. Stevens - Campus Vendor Administrator, Campus Life Services, 24 Years of Service

Rev. Harold W. Orr Jr., M.D

Bobby Christmas

Claudette Johnson

Peggy Adams

Ethel Adams - UCSF and UC Berkeley, Principal Administrative Analyst, 35 Years of Service

Diane Farley Frierson

E.W. “Paul” Porter - Sr. Administrative Analyst, Affirmative Action, 27 Years of Service

Phoenix Sinclair

Joe Bluford

Fred Logan


Allies In Memoriam (RIP):


Roy Shackleford

Al Goring

Joe Bluford

Philip R. Lee, M.D.


Non-Black Supporters:


Philip R. Lee, M.D. - Chancellor, UCSF (1969 - 1972), Professor Emeritus, Founding Director, Philip R. Lee Institute for Health Policy Studies

Emil Barish

Tina Trygstad

Noel Christian

Robert Brigante

Rachel Bernstein