Information on diversity, career exploration / professional advancement, training, and systems of support at UCSF

UCSF Career Tracks, Titles & Pay, Job Templates & Standards

Compensation, Salary Equity Review
To review your own salary and identify whether you are being compensated equitably
Title and Pay Code | UC Employee Pay | Public Pay & Pension Database
To better understand the min, mid and max compensation for your role. Search using job code found on job description, and filter by non/academic role as well as location
University of California, Talent Management System
To identify core strengths, networks and prep tools in order to support UC career opportunities
UCSF Job Templates
To dive deep into your current or future role to better understand the day to day expectations (access may be limited)
Career Tracks/Job Standards
To see sequential progress for your specific role or future career opportunity. Towards the very bottom of the document, you will find the next step out of your current role into a new one if you are considering changing roles.

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    Conflict Coaching, Mediation, and Facilitation


    Office of the Ombuds
    A resource for all members of the UCSF community offering a safe, confidential place to discuss UCSF-related issues and explore possibilities for informally addressing concerns.

    Office of the Prevention of Harrassment & Discrimination (OPHD)
    - File a Complaint

    Labor and Employee Relations - [email protected]
    Labor / termination related dispute support services and resources

    Benioff Children's Hospital - Reporting Your concerns