Benioff Children's Hospital Oakland - Black Caucus


  • Co-Directors, Stephanie Brown & Abdur Shemsu
  • More than 70 members
  • Advocating for and recognizing Black staff at Bennioff Children's Hospital (BCH) Oakland and San Francisco
    • Annual Juneteenth: Freedom Celebration
    • See Us Portrait Project
  • Guest speakers, DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion) discussions & initiatives




Annual Juneteenth: Freedom Celebration


Black Caucus Juneteenth: A Freedom Celebration (2023)


See pictures of the UCSF BCH Oakland Juneteenth: Freedom Celebration



See Us Portrait Project



On behalf of the BCH Black Caucus


BCH Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Anti-Racism Council


The See Us Project features portraits of our Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) colleagues from across the organization. The portraits celebrate the diversity that makes our community strong, while underscoring our commitment to creating a sense of belonging for our patients, families, and staff. The project features framed portraits of people of color in high traffic areas of the hospital. We encourage everyone to consider how we can leverage resources to further advance our health equity-related programs. We also encourage you to share this initiative with your colleagues, friends, family, and others who want to learn more about BCH’s commitment to this important work.

See Us Project at BCH Oakland (2021)

See Us Project at BCH San Francisco (2022)

The portraits of selected staff are featured in pop-up banners in the front lobby of BCH San Francisco, the Shorenstein Family Café corridor, and the lobby of UCSF Bakar Cancer Hospital.  The expansion of the portrait project to BCH San Francisco is thanks in large part to a generous Community Wellbeing Grant from UCSF Campus Life Services Wellness & Community.



Special thanks to the following departments and individuals who helped make this project a reality:

  • UCSF/BCH Black Caucus members: Dr. Marsha Treadwell, Stephanie Brown, Tamara Brown, Lauren Franklin, & Abdur Shemsu
  • Executive Sponsors: Jamie Phillips, BCH Chief Operating Officer, George Weiss, Vice President of Operations, and Dr. Hanmin Lee, Surgeon-in-Chief, UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital
  • BCH DEI/AR Council: Henry Ocampo & Brandie Hollinger
  • BCH Foundation: Jessica Palmer, Alexis Martin, Jackie Kersh, Terry Fuetsch, Anthony Candito, & Erin Hickey
  • BCH Communications: Susan Toland & Kate Vidinsky
  • Campus Life Service Wellness & Community: Kathleen Yumul, Jennifer Mannix, & Yolanda Marquez
  • UCSF Documents & Media: Andre Thelemaque

If you have any questions about this project, please email Abdur Shemsu at [email protected]